Perspectives in Education: Carpe Diem

By Kayla B. Mayhugh, Carpe Diem-Meridian sophomore
Being a Carpe Diem-Meridian student has renewed my passion for education. It has also instilled a passion for giving back through community service. Students in Action (SIA) is a public service program for schools founded by the Washington, D.C.-based Jefferson Awards. SIA has been at Carpe Diem-Meridian since day one, and it has evolved a great deal over the past few months. We recently won the Gold Medal in the Jefferson Award’s regional competition, where we presented to a panel of judges about our public service projects. As the Gold medal winners, we receive $1500 and get to travel to the award ceremony in DC in June. This is a huge accomplishment for a first-year school! Our SIA sponsor, Alyssa Starinsky, is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. It’s obvious to everyone who knows her that she truly wants to make the world a better place, and she thinks that children have the power to do it. When she says “we are the future,” it stops being a cliché and becomes inspirational.

SIA has brought almost our entire student body together through various service projects, including a Thanksgiving dinner we hosted last November at the Julian Center, a shelter for victims of domestic abuse. A core group of our SIA members joined the Julian Center cooking staff to create a Thanksgiving meal for the mothers and children at the Center. We prepared turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, mixed vegetables, fruit salad, and apple crisp — all handmade! We also ran a game room for the children. For a few hours, their mothers spent some time enjoying a well-deserved rest. By preparing a meal for those less fortunate, we realized that not everyone has access to the luxuries that we do. Though we couldn’t provide everything that a Thanksgiving has to offer, we gave deserving women and children a fun, family-style dinner that will hopefully stay in their minds as something more. To us, the meal was our first big project, and it only wet our appetites for more service opportunities.

Lil’ Leaders is a leadership retreat that SIA is organizing and hosting for the children of the Julian Center. We believe that the children have great potential to be great leaders, and we want to give them the opportunity to hone their leadership skills while they’re still young. Instilling these skills in children makes for better leaders as they blossom into adulthood. To make a lasting impact on these children, we’re not going to preach to them about the importance of leadership and service; we’re going to play games with them. Through these games, we’re going to show the children, and our younger members, how to use their leadership and communication skills to the best of their ability. We’re still in the early stages of planning, but we know that the retreat will teach us, as well as our young participants, a lot about the important of service. Our website,, goes into greater detail about our projects and opportunities for the community to participate in our service events.

The Students in Action program is a life-changing opportunity that I didn’t have at any of the other schools I’ve attended. Carpe Diem-Meridian has made me not only passionate about education, but also the power of service. Sophomore Amanda Wilcher has said “SIA has strengthened [her] networking, communication, and speaking skills” during her time at Carpe Diem. Many of our other members have called Students in Action “life-changing,” and I can’t help but agree.

Carpe Diem-Meridian has molded me into a better student while Students in Action has molded me into a better person. While each is fantastic in their own right, a combination of the two is priceless. With passionate teachers and caring students, any school has the potential to be a good one. Carpe Diem-Meridian has found the perfect balance of each and managed to make school an enjoyable, amazing experience – while some kids still dread going to other schools. An eighth-grader turned freshman, Sydney Pedigo, says that she’d never go back to a traditional school because of the “lack of opportunity.” One of our seventh graders, AbobakrAbedelmalik, likes the “blended learning” aspect of Carpe Diem. When asked about Students in Action, he muses, “Students in Action has honed my communication skills, and taught me to collaborate.” Many of our students have become passionate about schooling, and now seek to further their education. I know that, as a freshman, I had no idea what I was doing after high school. I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d even do anything. Now, as a sophomore, I have a clear plan for my life, and I couldn’t have done it without Carpe Diem.

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