What is Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian?

Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian is a public charter schools utilizing a highly effective personalized learning model to educate middle and high school students. The school features project-based learning allowing students to investigate and solve complex real world issues, challenges and problems.


What type of students are a good fit for Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian?

Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian is a good fit and smart choice for students who:

  • Are motivated and want to work at an accelerated pace to stay challenged
  • Thrive in a relationship-driven and ability-based environment
  • Desire to take college courses and gain credit while in high school
  • Prefer the benefits of a small school
  • Are home-schooled students ready for middle and high school
  • Enjoy creative and personalized class schedules

How does Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian educate students?

Unlike other educational institutions, Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian utilizes a mastery-based system – which focuses on what a student knows and understands, instead of simply placing them in a grade based on age. Students are assessed to identify their current instructional levels then individual learning plans are created and additional supports are provided to assist in selecting courses that either close achievement gaps or accelerate learning.

Why are students met at their instructional level?

Students are met at their instructional level to build competency and confidence through hard work and encouragement. Our system doesn’t “teach to the middle” or use pacing guides that force more advanced students to wait for their peers. At Carpe Diem, students are rewarded by being able to accelerate learning to meet career and educational goals. Accelerated goals are set for maximum productivity and progress is tracked in real time.

Who can attend Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian?

Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian is a free, public charter school educating students in grades 6 – 12. We are currently enrolling students.

What kind of diploma do students earn?

Students can earn general, Core 40, Core 40 Technical Honors, or Core 40 Academic Honors diplomas. In addition to state credit requirements, graduating Carpe Diem students are expected to demonstrate:

  • Academic achievement in math, English/language arts, science and social studies
  • Career maturity defined by creating an effective post high school educational plan
  • Financial literacy
  • Physical fitness and wellness habits consistent with personal life goals and family values
  • Community service participation
  • Responsibility demonstrated by strong attendance

How do students at Carpe Diem Innovative Schools perform overall?

The Carpe Diem personalized learning model has an eight-year track record of academic achievement and student success. Business Week and U.S. News & World Report rated Carpe Diem Schools among the best high school programs in the nation. On average, students typically complete two years of curriculum in one school year.

What sets Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian apart from other educational options?

Here are some reasons Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian stands out from any other school:

  • Relationship-driven atmosphere allowing students to receive the support needed to succeed
  • Small, safe campus
  • Specialized programs to strengthen academic rigor, individual fulfillment, leadership skills, positive relationships, health and wellness, critical thinking, community engagement and involvement and positive character development
  • Academic achievement in math, English/language arts, science and social studies
  • Accelerated pace of study available to students who want to be challenged
  • Ability-based, not grade-level based allowing for personalized learning
  • Opportunity to earn college credits while still completing high school
  • Cutting-edge technology used as part of curriculum and course completion
  • Broad curriculum focused on student interests and needs
  • Capability to work anytime and anywhere Internet access is available

Who authorizes Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian?

The Indiana Charter School Board authorizes Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian.

Where are Carpe Diem Innovative Schools in Indiana?

Carpe Diem Innovative Schools – Indiana have three Indianapolis campuses. The locations are:

Carpe Diem Innovative School – Meridian – 2240 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208

Carpe Diem Innovative School – Northwest – 5435 W. Pike Plaza Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254

Carpe Diem Innovative School – Shadeland – 4410 N. Shadeland Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46226